Welcome to smogo app

The new generation of FST&FUT will be the first e2w product launched by Smogo in the world. Its mission is to make people's lives better and cities better by providing intelligent transportation solutions.

Exclusive Benefits of SMOGO App

One stop service

There are services that will make you i mpressed with both rental cars. Shuttle service, accommodation recommendations and many other services.

Secure payment It doesn't matter if you pay by credit card or any other payment method. It's convenient and safe for users.
24/7 Support There is emergency assistance service when the vehicle has problems. or accidents 24 hours a day

Easy steps to use the service

Download and Register

First, you can download app in playstore or appstore. After that you can create an account in the application

Choose the EV scooter that suits your style

Second, choose your best property, make sure you are suitable on the property etc.

Find stores and service centers near you

Pointing out how easy it is to locate nearby e-scooter vendors and service centers for convenient support and maintenance.

Payment in app

Finally, you can make payment on the application to book the property of your choice

Download SMOGO App

Search “ SMOGO ” on App Store or Google Play

Question?  Look here.

What is Smogo?

Smogo is a platform that provides electric car rental services. Ready to provide a variety of convenient services for service users.

What can the Smogo application do?

You can use the Smogo application to reserve an electric car. Schedule a date and time to deliver or pick up the vehicle. and pay the service fee, call for a taxi service that is registered with the Smogo application, call for a limousine service, reserve a lounge at the airport, call for special lane service at the airport, Get visas, find hotels. You can also use the mobile app to find the nearest charging point, track the progress of your booking and view your transaction history.

How is Smogo different from other car rental companies?

Smogo provides car rental services and you can choose the service you want by yourself. Via the application Free download for both Android and iOS systems.

How do I verify my account?

You can verify your identity through the application using your ID card for Thai customers and your driver's license. For customers of other nationalities, confirm your identity with your passport and driver's license. So you can reserve a car.